POOL RULES AND PROCEDURES 2016-11-03T00:17:10+00:00

Pool Rules and Procedures

  • All swimmers must wear a bathing suit – babies must wear water-proof pants.

  • Diving is not permitted.

  • Running, pushing, or rough-play (splashing, dunking, throwing items) in pool area is prohibited.

  • Food, gum, beverages, glass, or smoking are prohibited.

  • Pets are not allowed.

  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • No one with an infectious disease, cold, cough, sores, or bandages may swim.

  • Oil-based sun products are not allowed for swimmers.

  • Children who are “non-swimmers” must be accompanied by an adult in the pool at all times.

  • Toys allowed only at the discretion of the lifeguard.

  • Please recycle.

  • Cell phones must be set to non-audible ring.