Homestead Valley Land Trust manages 80+ acres of Marin County Open Space District lands in the hills surrounding Homestead Valley, as well as – Volunteer Park, Stolte Grove, and Three Groves.   Their mission is to protect, maintain, and restore Marin County-owned open space and parklands within Homestead Valley in pursuit of the goals of providing environmentally sensitive public enjoyment opportunities, wildlife habitat, and wildland fire safety.

Homestead Valley Sanitary District owns and operates a network of sewer pipes in HV which collect and deliver wastewater to the SASM treatment plant, a Joint Powers Agency of the communities in Southern Marin. They also contract out to Mill Valley Refuse Service garbage, recycling and composting service.

Marin Villages help seniors remain in their homes and communities as they age independently, with dignity and grace.  Homestead Village is our neighborhood ‘village’. Members and neighbors participate in programs and provide services that help our older residents stay in their own homes and live safe, independent and connected lives.

Marin County Parks represents the County of Marin which owns the community center and open space lands within Homestead Valley.  In order to preserve and protect these facilities, Homestead Valley residents worked with the County to form County Service Area 14 (CSA 14).  Tax revenues collected under CSA 14 are used solely in Homestead Valley to maintain the community center and open space.  The Homestead Valley Community Association leases the community center from the County and the Homestead Valley Land Trust works closely with the County to maintain the open space in the valley.

Nextdoor Homestead Valley is a private social network aimed at helping drive stronger and safer neighborhoods by connecting neighbors to each other. Neighbors can post messages visible only to their neighbors about help they could use, babysitter needs, things they’re giving away or selling, suspicious activities, community events and etc. There are over 650 of your neighbors on the site and each day people get to know their neighbors just a little more.

Other Contacts

City of Mill Valley

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Marin Horizon School