Homestead Valley Community Association’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)


Homestead Valley is a beautiful community with unique topography full of narrow, winding streets and an abundance of trees and creeks. In case of an emergency, we may be unable to rely on outside services for help and support. The Community Association, in association with the Southern Marin Fire District, has helped to create the Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) so that we can be prepared to respond and protect our families and property in the event of a disaster or other emergency.

How it Works

The community has been divided into 69 “blocks,” groups of 12 to 20 homes assembled by geographical proximity, each of which will have a Block Captain and Lieutenant who are in charge of coordinating and supervising the neighborhood in the event of a disaster. Each “block” will have events and meetings in order to become better acquainted, share information, and prepare for an emergency situation. The Homestead Valley CERT Commitee has developed and published thorough written materials issued to volunteer captains at no charge to facilitate coordination and communication to their “blocks.”

It you are interested in being a block captain or lieutenant please contact the HVCA office at (415) 388-0137.

Helpful Emergency Information Links

 Helpful Apps for Emergency Preparedness

  • Red Cross
  • Earthquake
  • First Aid
  • Wildfires
  • FEMA
  • Pocket First Aid & CPR

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