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Alan Saltzman, Homestead resident and mostly retired law professor, will give four lectures summarizing all the criminal law cases that came before the Supreme Court in the last term.

The cases vary widely. Some are simple, some complex.  Justices are sometimes unanimous, sometimes sharply divided.  Many present interesting choices. The cases will be presented in a way that non-lawyers will be able to follow. There will be handouts containing the slides used during the presentations and time for questions and discussion afterwards.

*The first session will cover cases on 

the right to bear arms, search and seizure, double jeopardy and the right to a speedy trial. 

*The second: the right to trial by jury, the right to counsel and the ban on cruel and unusual punishment. 

*The third: due process of law 

and federal habeas corpus. 

*The fourth: federal criminal offenses.

Prof. Saltzman regularly creates on-line courses for lawyers’ to earn continuing education credits.  He will open the taping of this year’s “class” to the public. 

For those who want to do some “homework” in advance, email profsaltzman@gmail.com for a pdf of the slide presentation.