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Homestead Halloween – A Celebration for ‘Kids’ of All Ages

Halloween is a fun event for everyone, even if we ‘re not dressing up. This is an opportunity for more Homestead Community residents to enjoy the holiday and the season – costumed or not – we invite you to join us for a family-friendly Halloween celebration for all ages!

For the kids, we often have make-up artists to help with costume “completion”, mini pumpkin painting, trick-or-treat bag creation/decoration, prizes for those fabulous costumes, and live musical entertainment.

For adults, we serve up seasonal soups and share recipes –  with a “prize” for the best soup.  We encourage you to prepare your favorite soup to share with your neighbors. Cheese, bread and fruit will also be available for those who don’t like soup!

Watch the children as they come prepared for a night of gathering treats. We always want to make our Halloween event a celebration for the season for children of all ages!

Event Chair: Kris Cann: