Homestead Valley Pool Renovation

Your tax-deductible financial contribution is needed as we embark on the next phase of improving our special community center.

After 40+ years, the well-loved Homestead Valley pool is in serious need of a revitalization. The pool is facing significant infrastructure challenges including disintegrating plaster and inefficient mechanical equipment. We also have an urgent need for modern, accessible bathrooms, showers and changing rooms.

Initial cost estimates for this project have come in for more than $1M, but we are working with the architect and the County to try and bring that figure down.  Additionally, we hope to reduce costs as we move to the engineering design phase and make decisions on materials, contractor, etc.

Estimates for the project are broken down into the following areas:

  • Pool construction: $285,000

  • Buildings/infrastructure: $350,000 (e.g., ADA bathrooms/showers, changing room, life guard office, mechanical room)

  • Landscaping costs: $380,000 (e.g., fence, pool deck, lighting)

While this will be an expensive project, it is important to remember all the benefits our community will gain from these improvements. We continue to seek funding from a variety of sources including grants, the County of Marin, loans, our own reserves and personal donations.

This is a great opportunity to support the HVCA as we embark on our next community improvement project. The HVCA Board members have all pledged to give money to support this effort.


  • A welcoming gathering place for families to swim and enjoy the sunny outdoors
  • A resource for all ages to stay active and healthy
  • A perfect venue for birthday and graduation parties
  • A pool that offers swim instruction in a private or group setting
  • A treasured feature of summer camps offered by Camp Funderblast and Marin Horizon 
  • An opportunity for teens to develop leadership skills as gatekeepers and lifeguards 
  • Unique! Charming old school gathering place – ping pong, snack shack, open to all!



Proposed Homestead Pool Design

A newly designed L-shaped pool provides a wide shallow end for users of all ages to be safe, and create a dedicated area for lap swimmers. Modern energy efficient plumbing, heaters, and filtration systems will provide many years of recreational enjoyment for the community. Refined water sanitation and additional improved solar systems will decrease our carbon footprint. Collectively these improvements will provide a welcoming atmosphere for all.

The mission of the HVCA is to enhance the community through cultural, educational and recreational activities, events and service. The passion and commitment of Homestead Valley residents has allowed the Community Center, pool, meadow and 80+ acres of open space to be publicly owned and managed to ensure their continued preservation for years to come.

How can you help?

The HVCA Board has been working hard to secure funding for this renovation project. We have already achieved great success from a number of sources. Between our HVCA reserves, CSA-14 reserves, a contribution from County Measure A funds and a substantial commitment from Supervisor Dennis Rodoni, we are about half-way to our goal.

Closing that gap is where you come in…as every dollar we are able to raise within the Homestead Valley community is money we don’t need to borrow from the County to afford this project. This is a chance for our community to come together to improve our incredible resource that will add value across the board – from neighborhood connectedness to home values. In order to make our dreams of a new pool for Homestead Valley become a reality, we need your help.

Give to our Capital Campaign.

We are kicking off a Capital Campaign and will have community building events next Spring and Summer to engage the community and build excitement around the project. Our goal is to raise $100,000 from individuals, business and foundations. We have already obtained over $33,000 primarily from current and former HVCA board members.