Welcome to Homestead Valley … The best kept secret in Marin!

Due to the passion and commitment of Homestead Valley (HV) residents, the Community Center, pool, meadow and 80+ acres of open space managed by the Homestead Valley Land Trust (HVLT) are publically owned to ensure their continued preservation for years to come.

The mission of the HVCA is to enhance the community of HV residents through cultural, educational and recreational activities, events and service.

From the 4th of July Parade and BBQ with decorated bikes, dogs and goats led by a bright red fire truck, to a ‘rockin’ Music Festival in August and festive Halloween and Winter celebrations to close out the year, HV provides many opportunities to meet neighbors and build community. In 2014, we started a Celebrating Local Artist program hosting an opening reception for and displaying art from one of the many talented residents in our community.

In partnership with the County of Marin, the Center was completely refurbished in 2014 thanks to the passage of Measure A by HV residents. Amenities include:

  • fully-equipped large main meeting
  • charming wood stove and cozy seating area
  • lovely outdoor deck
  • poolside room which opens to the patio/pool

The center, patio, pool and meadow are available to rent for celebrations or meetings.

Stay Informed

Our new website, Facebook, Nextdoor Homestead and Homestead Headlines are great ways to learn about what is happening in Homestead Valley and how to get involved. See photos of all our facilities and your neighbors enjoying HVCA events, learn about the history of the valley and find out about upcoming events.

Thank you to our Volunteers and Staff!

Have you relaxed in the meadow with your family or dogs, splashed in the water or learned to swim at the pool, enjoyed the Music Festival, or hosted a birthday party or meeting at the Community Center? These events and facilities are managed by our talented volunteers and staff. If you are interested in helping out with an event or getting involved on a committee or board, complete the Get Involved form and we will put you in touch with other like-minded neighbors.

The HVCA Board is made up of up to 15 residents of Homestead Valley (CSA 14 area) and serve 2-year terms. The Board meets monthly on the first Tuesday of the month; all HV residents are welcome to attend. Agendas and meeting minutes for the past 3 years are posted on the HVCA website. Please contact us at 415.388.0137 if you would like access to additional archives.

Documents you might be interested in:

January 2020 – HVCA Meeting Minutes (PDF)

February 2020 – HVCA Meeting Minutes (PDF)

March 2020 – HVCA Meeting Minutes (PDF)

April 2020 – HVCA Meeting Minutes (PDF)

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May 27, 2020 (Special Meeting) – HVCA Meeting Minutes (PDF)

June 2020 – HVCA Board Meeting Minutes (PDF)

July 2020 – HVCA Board Meeting Minutes (PDF)

August 2020 – HVCA Board Meeting Minutes (PDF)

January 2019 – HVCA Meeting Minutes (PDF)

February 2019 – HVCA Meeting Minutes (PDF)

March 2019 – HVCA Meeting Minutes (PDF)

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January 2018 – HVCA Meeting Minutes (PDF)

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March 2018 – HVCA Meeting Minutes (PDF)

April 2018 – HVCA Meeting Minutes (PDF)

May 2018 – HVCA Meeting Minutes (PDF)

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August 2018 – HVCA Meeting Minutes (PDF)

September 2018 – HVCA Meeting Minutes (PDF)

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2017 HVCA Meeting Minutes (Zip/PDF files)

2016 HVCA Meeting Minutes (Zip/PDF files)

2015 HVCA Meeting Minutes (Zip/PDF files)

Joint MHS/HV Meeting Minutes

Archive 2012 – 15 HVCA Meeting Minutes

CSA-14 Advisory Board

CSA 14 Board Meeting Minutes

HVCA Bylaws

HVCA Bylaws

HVCA Articles of Incorporation 12-27-1968

IRS 501 (c)(3) Letter

HVCA Employee Application

The Homestead Valley Community Association is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation – Federal Tax ID # 94-1131173.

Our Commitment To Privacy:

The HVCA recognizes the importance of protecting your privacy. We use personal information for purposes of administering our business activities and providing the products & services requested. Additionally, we use provided information to notify you of community updates and new services. You may notify us at any time if you do not wish to receive communications by emailing us at info@homesteadvalley.org.

We do not share, sell, lend or lease any personal information (email addresses, mailing addresses etc.) with anyone except to the extent it is necessary to process transactions or provide requested services.